How To Create An App?

Your First App | How To Create An App Without Coding Skills?

You want to create an app yourself because you have a great idea.. And now the beginning is often difficult, but very important. With a good preparation, you can ultimately save a lot of time (and money).


The first thing you need to do before you consider starting your own app is to orient. Not just the various technical features you have, but also the feasibility of your idea, the market for your app, and any competition.

Technical Possibilities

Learn more about how to create an app without coding skills.


Technically, almost everything is possible, but maybe not within the time you had in mind. Also, make sure that whatever you're planning is made with the development method you choose (software, online tool).

For example, to develop an iPhone app, you must have an Apple computer or MacBook (unless you choose an online tool).

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Is There A Need For Your App?

Many apps are created just without knowing whether there is a market for the app. Think about who your audience is, and ask them before you start your app. If 9 out of 10 people do not respond enthusiastically, it may not be a good idea or not the right audience, and better target your arrows.

Competition Your App Gets Much Better

A good idea alone is nothing. Assume you're not the first to find not only the app stores in the app you've designed for your app, but look for Google for the feature that your app offers and see if you can find similar apps, and how popular these are or not.

If you already find apps that do the same, you should be able to offer a lot of added value to beat these apps. Or choose a completely different insertion (functional, earnings model).

Plan Of Action

Now that you know what the different options are and you probably already have a preference for one of those options, you can get started!

It is advisable to make a plan for yourself, simply consisting of a list of concrete points that must be completed to make your app. A simple example:

  • Design
  • Logo
  • Boot screen
  • User Interface
  • Develop
  • Android app
  • iPhone app
  • To publish
  • Apple App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Promoting
  • To advertise

Tip: Bootstrapping

In practice, boat steps are nothing more than to achieve a testable result as efficiently as possible. By prioritizing and regularly evaluating what's most important at the moment, you can work faster and avoid time-consuming any unnecessary features.


How To Create An App And Make Money


Most apps are made for commercial reasons. However, there are big differences in the ways you can earn money with an app:


·  Make App Available for Payment

·  This is always via the app store where your app is published.

·  Making additional features available for payment

·  This usually goes through the app store where your app is published.

·  Place ads in your app

·  Here are different networks for use.

·  Offer products for payment in your app

·  This is usually via the app store where your app is published.

The Development Of Your App


Now it's exciting; you'll start developing your app! This step depends entirely on the way you chose to prepare and the platform where you want to run your app. android, iOS (Apple), Windows Phone, or all?


Tip: Make sure you test your app on different devices.


For more information about app development and testing your app, see the following sections:


·  Android

·  iOS (iPhone / iPad)

·  Windows Phone

·  Software

·  Online tools


Publish In App Stores


Once you've developed and tested your app, you can publish it to app stores. This way you make your app available to the rest of the world. When publishing, you can also decide if your app can be installed for free or for a fee.


Each platform has its own app store and its own developer rate:


·  Android: Google Play Store (cost: $ 25, - once)

·  iOS: iTunes App Store  (cost: $ 99, ​​- per year)

·  Windows Phone: Windows Phone Store (cost: $ 14, - dollars once)


For each app store, another method of publishing is also applicable. For more information see the specific platform categories:


·  Android

·  iOs (iPhone / iPad)

·  Windows Phone


Promoting Your App


Now that your app is published in the app stores, you want to make sure that as many people as possible use your app. Millions preferred! Unfortunately, that is not self-evident.


To make your app discoverable in the stores, it's important that you enter full and clear descriptions, for all languages ​​in which your app is available. Additionally, it helps your friends and family to ask the app to try and fill in a review about your app.

Social media can have a huge impact if used properly. Remember: "Invite a friend via Facebook and get access to more features in the app."

Of course, you can also advertise to make your app discoverable. Here are a lot of different websites to use, search on Google for “app advertising networks “to find the different options, and choose the best party for your app.

Good luck with your first app!

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